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Welcome to the SPOPS project! SPOPS is a robust and powerful module that allows you to serialize objects. It is unique in that it also allows you to apply security to these objects using a fairly simple but powerful scheme of users and groups. (You can, of course, turn off security if you want.)

It's also unique in that for most objects, you will not need to write any code. It's true! A fairly simple configuration file is all you need which you can then feed to SPOPS and have a class for your object ready to go, right out of thin air. See a quick example now.

The configuration you specify not only lists the properties of the object and possibly some information about where its data should be stored, but can also describe the relationship an object might have with another object (or objects).

One great benefit is that you can retrofit SPOPS to existing data. If you don't use any of the metadata layers or security, you can simply describe your data in a configuration file, process the configuration and start making (and processing) objects! If you want to add security to these objects later, it's easy!

The full documentation (which is quite a bit!) shipped with SPOPS is online and browseable via this website. Other features (like a wiki) are coming soon.

Currently the mailing list is shared with that of the OpenInteract project. If you think it's a good idea to have a separate list, let me know.

Latest release: SPOPS 0.87
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Last updated: Tue Jun 1 18:13:33 PDT 2004

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